Anniston Police Are Still Looking for the Person Who Fired the Gun Inside Walmart

 (WBRC) – Anniston police are looking for the person they say fired a gun to settle an argument inside a Walmart on McClellan Boulevard. Chief Nick Bowles says this was a group of young people who wanted to settle a disagreement with a 9mm handgun.

Multiple law enforcement agencies quickly responded to the Lenlock Walmart on reports of shots fired Sunday night. During the initial investigation, Anniston Police Chief Nick Bowles says two groups of teenagers got into an argument that escalated into multiple shots being fired.

“This was a previous argument; this is kind of an on-going issue between two groups of young people here in Anniston, so this didn’t have anything to do with Walmart or the patrons or anything like that. It was just the culmination of a previous argument that turned into gunfire. Walmart has been super cooperative, we got super clear video on everything, people are cooperating so we’re on the right track,” says Chief Bowles.

No one was hurt, but officers are actively investigating and looking for the suspects. Anniston’s Special Response Team conducted a full search of the building to ensure the threat was over.

“You don’t see anything like that at stores in a general public and things like that. Usually, people who have conflict with each other it’ll be they’ll catch somebody at a party or somebodies house or something like that, it’s not usually in the full view of the public, which is why we’re taking this seriously, we’re going to prosecute to the full extent the D.A. office will allow us to because we got to send a message that putting other people lives in danger,” said Bowles.

Chief Bowles says this case is still under investigation, but if you have any information you can contact the Anniston Police Department.

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