Message from Centre Police Department – WARNING!

The Centre Police Department would like to make the public aware that are aware of concerns regarding a scam that is currently in play.  PLEASE BE ADVISED at no time will any type of Law Enforcement Agency contact you directly and request money from you.

The new scammers have found a way to CLONE Law Enforcement Agency phone numbers and are pretending to be from that agency where they’re claiming that there are warrants out for arrests.   The scammers also EVEN claim that Crime Stoppers will be going to your house to arrest you.  The scammers suggest that the victim instead – just go to Wal-Mart and obtain $4,000.00 in gift cards for payment.  

In one similar case – fortunately, the victim was aided by another citizen, aware of these scammers and prevented the victim from losing money.

Be advised that NO Law Enforcement Agency will ever ask you for money to avoid arrest, whether it’s for warrants or other types of arrests.

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