City of Centre Council Meeting

During the Tuesday afternoon City of Centre Council Meeting Mayor Mansfield Brought in Joy Perry and Leann Lockbridge from the Chamber. They spoke at length to the Council about the possibilities of a Rodeo coming to Centre at Estes Park. This would take place on the dates of June 14 and 15. This would take place rain or shine. The company the Chamber has been talking with is 3R Rodeo Company. They travel all over the country putting on outstanding rodeo shows and competitions. They bring everything. The total investment for the City of Centre would be $ 43,000. This will include advertising this event hotels and police security. The Chamber of Commerce and the City of Centre would have a 50-50 split. The Chamber has sponsorship avails for a lot of advertising to promote the event. Centre will have to supply temporary fences and bleachers also. The Mayor and Council were very excited about this event possibly coming to Centre.

The Council approved Attorney Shumaker and his law firm to write up a contract for this event. The Council ask the Attorney and his law firm to write up a contract and proposal for outsourcing the concessions at softball, baseball and the Aquatic Center when it’s active.

Raymond Matthews, the Building Inspector, discussed the new water line at the Children’s Advocacy Center. The cost to replace the old one is $1200. This was approved. The Council also discussed the Farmers Market access door and concrete work. They agreed to get a quote because it would alleviate people coming inside of the building.

Robert Pace representing the Centre Fire Department told the Council they need to replace the cutter blades because they’re warped. Pace gave  the Council a quote for the cutter blades of $2,156.00. Pace asked the Council  about getting a drone to use and share with the building inspector. This would come from grant money at a cost of $7,279.88. Both were approved by the Council.

During the quarterly department report Raymond Matthews, the Building Inspector, said they had a good quarter with $500-600 thousand dollars in commercial work being done. Robert Pace, Interim Fire Chief said they had 134 calls last quarter. A lot of fire safety training “We get it done” Pace said.  The Mayor commended him on the job he’s doing. Kirk Blankenship, Centre Chief of Police told the Council they had 198 incident reports in the past quarter. There were 104 arrests with the total of 502 arrests for the year. They just hired Hubert Hinson as the newest Centre Policeman. Jay Wilson, the Recreation Director told the Council they are going to host many baseball and basketball tournaments coming up in 2024. He said everything is going great in his area. Last up, was Bobby Paul and he told the Council all cleanups have gone well. He looks forward to 2024. The next City of Centre Council Meeting will be January 23rd


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