Get Ready to Spend More Money on Gun Ammunition

You’ll be spending more this year on gun ammunition. A local gun store owner said a manufacturer has increased ammunition prices in fear of a global gunpowder shortage.

Some gun owners say they don’t mind paying the price, they just want to know why and how much. Vista Outdoor, a parent company to many firearms businesses, will increase its ammunition prices due to an anticipated global shortage of gunpowder.

The company confirmed in a letter sent to customers that it would go ahead with an increase of its ammunition and gunpowder prices starting January 1. Some gun owners say they fear that customers will be misled and taken advantage of by businesses inflating cost and not being honest.

”There would be I believe 12% that’s what they’re expecting it to go up, but it’s going to be a progression it’s not going to be immediate, if there are dealers or companies who are charging an immediate increase as of right now,” said one store owner.

Another gun store owner said even though the percentage increase may be high, you’re only paying a few dollars extra right now per box of ammunition.

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