Cherokee County Commission Discuss Construction of Brand New Courthouse

The most recent meeting of the Cherokee County Commission is one that covered a wide variety of topics including construction of a brand new Courthouse.  Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Tim Burgess, discussed setting everything into motion on that project – lining up and finalizing many different companies and crews, and so on.  He stressed that the opportunity to bring such a structure into the area – one that’ll benefit all of our residents for many years to come – and, greatly expand services all across the region, is a wonderful thing to be part of.

We’ll keep you updated on the project, as it moves forward.

There were also four “Chairman’s Announcements” – that were made during the meeting and each person has tendered his/her resignation as follows:

Mirandi Watson from the Cherokee County Parks & Recreation Board; John Coggin from the Coosa Valley Youth Services Board; and Donnie George (Place B) and Cindy Cline (Place C), from the CED Mental Health Board.

All positions are set to be filled at the December 11th meeting – simply phone Commission Headquarters at (256) 927-3668.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Commission, is set for Monday, November 27th, starting 5:00pm in the Administration Building in Centre.




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