Capital Murder Trial Underway in Cherokee County

A capital murder trial is underway here in Cherokee County, Alabama for one of three men charged with the murder of two Georgia sisters.

Desmond Levonta Brown is accused of shooting and killing both Truvenia Campbell and Vanita Nicole Richardson back in May of 2020. Brown was booked into jail here in Cherokee County, on capital murder charges. Both Devin Watts and Christopher Pullen, also stand charged with capital murder in connection with slaying the two women.  The three men allegedly killed Campbell and Richardson, age 30 and 18, over a misplaced wallet. 

After accusing the two sisters of stealing the wallet during a party in Rome, Brown then drove the women to a Cherokee County field, where according to authorities’ evidence shows the they were murdered. 

A few minutes later, all three men returned to the field where the women were killed and placed their bodies in the trunk of Brown’s car.  The victims’ bodies were later, reportedly, tossed off of a bridge in Rome. The wallet was later found behind a television set at Brown’s residence.

Pullen, who’d been in the car the night the two sisters were killed. said during Monday’s testimony that he witnessed Brown shoot Campbell here in Alabama. He also stated that the younger sister (Richardson) was also shot and killed, but that he didn’t see by whom.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

(WRGA Radio News/The Rome News Tribune of Rome, Georgia)

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