Investigators Help Victim Get Money Back From Scammers

Investigators Help Victims Get Money Back From Scammers

From the Office of DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden – DeKalb County Investigators were recently able to retrieve $59,800.75 for a victim that had been involved in a scam.   The investigators worked diligently on the case with just a very small time window to reverse that transfer, and then return the money to the victim’s account. 

According to Sheriff Welden – “The faster we are made aware of this scam and the transfer of funds, the better.  We only have 72 hours to get the money back and it takes almost a day to fill out all the paperwork and get it sent in” – he continued – “Criminals are continuously coming up with brand new ways to scam hard working people out of their money.  We do not want to see any person lose their life savings to these criminals, so please bear in mind – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”

“Please DO NOT give out any of personal information to anyone over the phone unless you know 100% who you are talking to and you were the one placing the phone call.  But, if you do fall victim to these criminals, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at (256) 845-3801.”


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