Congressman Aderholt Qualifies for Re-Election

Congressman Aderholt Qualifies for Re-election

Congressman Robert Aderholt has qualified with the Alabama Republican Party to seek yet another term in office in order to continue to serve the people of Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.

“Our nation is at a crossroads and this next election will determine which path we take,” said Congressman Aderholt. “If we choose to go down the same path Joe Biden and the Democrats have us on, then this nation will continue to be on a downward spiral. 

“Our debilitating national debt will only rise, the tide of illegals pouring over the southern border will become a tsunami, woke culture will replace real education in our schools, the two-tiered justice system will march on unchecked, and America will continue to look weak and feeble to both our friends and our adversaries alike; since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives last year, we have been pushing back on these liberal, woke policies and even though the mainstream media doesn’t report it, we have had many legislative wins. 

“Democrats and their allies have tried almost every single trick to keep the status quo.  Most of them seem unconcerned with open borders, woke culture, and spending money that we don’t have.  Furthermore, they embrace using the judicial system to punish their political enemies like President Trump.

“I’m confident a Republican can win back the White House next year. And that’s why the House of Representatives needs to stay in Republican control and why we need experienced leadership ready to tackle our nation’s problems on day one. This is not the time for on-the-job training.

“While I will continue to fight for Alabama every day in Washington, one of my priorities will remain helping every person in the 4th District navigate the red tape of the federal bureaucracy. It’s why I’ve made sure our constituent services are second to none. People know when they call my office with a problem, whether it be VA benefits, Social Security problems or any other federal issue, my office will move heaven and earth to address their needs; it is my honor to serve the people of Alabama’s 4th Congressional District.  In the 2022 election, I was humbled to receive some 84% of the vote – the most of any Congressional candidate in Alabama.  I thank you for that vote of confidence.  But I never take your vote for granted, and I am asking for your vote again. 

“Together, with my Republican Alabama colleagues, and those who will be elected across America, we can fight back and Make America Great Again.”

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