Mike Rogers Leaves Republican Conference Meeting “Upset”

Mike Rogers: Republicans Need Democrats to Elect Speaker, GOP Who Voted Out McCarthy ‘Traitors’ Who ‘Paralyzed’ House

Rep. Mike Rogers – left a Republican conference meeting upset Thursday calling the eight Republicans who helped oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy “traitors” who “paralyzed” the House – according to a report. The Alabama congressman stated, that it appears that no Republican contender for speaker, will manage to gather the 217 votes needed to be elected.  Rogers also said it appears that Republicans will need Democratic votes – in order to elect the next speaker, suggesting neither the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise – nor House Judiciary Chairman, Jim Jordan, can make it to 217 votes.

Typically the majority needed would be 218 votes – BUT – there are currently two vacant seats, dropping the threshold to 217.


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