Woman Arrested While Drunk In Roadway

Woman Arrested While Drunk In Roadway

Reports have now been released with information regarding an arrest, which was made over this past weekend across the state line in neighboring Chattooga County, Georgia. A 51 year old woman was arrested on Saturday, after police say that she was intoxicated in the roadway. Police had been called to the scene by the suspect’s aunt, who said that the suspect had taken a pair of her shoes. 

By the time the police arrived, the shoes had been returned, but the suspect was again walking down the street – being loud and boisterous. When police asked the woman how much she had to drink, she told the officers “35-40” and added that she’d had “$2 shots from the bootlegger.” Police placed the woman identified as Charity Machette Allgood under arrest on Hawkins Drive in Summerville.

She was booked into the Chattooga County Jail on the charges of public intoxication.

(WZQZ Chattooga County Radio)

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