Collinsville Fire Chief Asks For Valves to be Replaced on Fire Trucks


During the Monday afternoon Collinsville City Council Meeting Mayor Johnny Traffanstedt told the Council all the vehicles have been delivered to the Police Department.

He also spoke about October 31st will be Trunk or Treat from 5pm -7pm.

Councilman and Fire Chief David Bowen told the Council he would like one of the Old Police Vehicles go to the Fire Chief. The Mayor ask for the matter to be tabled for the next City Council Meeting.

Bowen, also told everyone the Water board vehicle is down and one of the old Police vehicles could replace that also. That also was tabled for the next meeting. Bowen, also brought up another very big item for the council to vote on that wasn’t  on the agenda. Councilman Bowen got a quote on three valves that are needed  for the fire trucks. The quote was $4163.18 to replace the old  valves with labor. The Council approved this.

The City Council voted for a quarter page sized ad in the Mountain Valley News representing the cheerleading and band member’s. The cost is $254.00.

The Council approved opening a savings account for a historical marker fundraiser.

During the City Clerk’s Report Jill Tidmore spoke at length about 40-50 adults are abusing Gressler Park. The Mayor told everyone this is a preliminary topic. He said we have to deal with outside people because it is Federal money that built the park.

The next Collinsville City Council Meeting will be October 2nd at 5pm.



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