Colds,Flu and Covid

Flu season and another uptick in Covid cases reinforce the new seasonality of Covid, along with the annual risks of contracting the flu. Why?  Part of it is simply the seasonal nature of the viruses. But another part of it is behavioral.

People are back to work, back to school, back to congregating in larger numbers both outdoors and indoors. As the weather in some parts of the country forces people indoors, closer contact with each other inevitably leads to higher instances of the flu or Covid.

So, what can we do? The flu shot and the Covid vaccine are part of it, but we already have a history with the seasonal flu and can learn from it. Basic things like, when you’re sick, stay home. Practice more diligent hygiene. And if you are immunocompromised,  be more careful about large crowds.


If you don’t feel well, call your Doctor for a Consultation and Swab for Flu and Covid.


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