Welcome to Godolkin University! Interactive college website promoting ‘The Boys’ spinoff

Prime Video

To promote Gen V, its upcoming spinoff of its Emmy-nominated show The Boys, Prime Video has launched a new interactive website for super-powered prospective college students.

On the surface, the new Godolkin University website looks like any other college site, complete with beauty shots of the campus, impressive looking facilities and bright faces of students eager to learn.

“We’ve trained the best and brightest superheroes since 1965,” a legend reads. “But more than that, we’re a family. A community of supportive faculty and peers who will accept you as the unique, culturally rich change agent that you are.”

The show takes place at the university, the first institution dedicated to cultivating the superpowers granted by the chemical cocktail known as Compound V.

Elsewhere, the site touts the school’s “challenging and meaningful curriculum to help train the best and brightest heroes of tomorrow,” including, “core coursework like Hero Ethics, to upper division classes like The History of Acting: Stanislavski to Bourke, you’ll become the best crimefighter or performer you can be.”

There’s even a welcome video from new students Andre Anderson — actually Gen V actor Chance Perdomo — and Jordan (London Thor, Derek Luh), who detail the $77,000 a year tuition, with Jordan inviting potential freshmen to “find out what makes you super.”

Users can generate their own Godolkin student ID, filling out required information, including what powers they have.

There’s also a countdown clock to the “next semester,” actually the debut of the Prime Video series, on September 29.

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