Wal-Mart Giving $5 Gift Cards After Alabama Grocery Tax Overcharge – IF You Kept Receipt  

Wal-Mart is offering $5 GIFT CARDS to Alabama customers who were mistakenly overcharged sales tax Friday, when the state’s new sales tax reduction went into effect – that is provided that shoppers kept their receipt, the company announced Tuesday.  Both the mega-retailer, and its Sam’s Club affiliate, accidentally charged customers both the new AND previous sales tax rates – on groceries in Alabama.   Wal-Mart corrected the issue by Friday night, and ALL Alabama customers who shopped at Wal-Mart on Friday are eligible for a $5 gift card.

Wal-Mart said in a statement issued Tuesday – “To be eligible, customers will need to bring their receipt dated September 1st, 2023 showing overcharged sales tax to a customer service desk at any Alabama Wal-Mart store,” the gift cards will be available through September 18th  Any Sam’s Club customers impacted by the sales tax mix-up will automatically have $5 in Sam’s Cash applied to their account.

According to Alabama Arise – that 1 percentage point reduction will save an Alabama family of four about $150 a year.  And that sales tax rate is expected to drop another 1 percentage point in September 2024 bringing the total two-year cut to 2 percentage points but ONLY if the State Education Trust Fund has grown by 3-1/2% over the previous fiscal year.  If growth projections don’t occur, that second 1% cut will be DELAYED – until the ETF growth requirement is met.

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