Albertville Man Wins a Million Dollar Prize from Publishers Clearing House

Thursday, the Prize Patrol from the Publishers Clearing House made a stop in Albertville to deliver a One Million Dollar Prize to Edwin Walker. However, Mr. Walker wasn’t home. According to an inquisitive neighbor, Walker was at work. Howie Guja, the Prize Patrol Leader,  found out where Walker worked and surprised him at his place of employment with the surprise winnings.

Walker had been entering the Sweepstakes for many years and had won some smaller prizes but nothing significant, until now.

The winners are never notified in advance of the prize delivery and many times, no one is home when the prize arrives. But not to worry, the Prize Patrol seeks out the winner whether they are shopping, at work, out on an errand, or other business away from home.

Mr. Walker said he plans to share his winnings with his church, make some home renovations, and help his family.

The Prize Patrol along with TV, radio, and print media, staged at The Flower Market on Carlisle Street before making the call on the winner. Prize Patrol Leader, Howie Guja, called the Flower Market to purchase two dozen long stem red roses in paper to be delivered with the check and champagne to the winner.

Jerry Williams, owner of the Flower Market, said he thought it was another scam until he processed the sale for the roses and the card was good and the sale was made. Then on Thursday, the florist began to see media reps from TV, radio and print media show up asking questions. Then, it began to be very real to the doubting Williams.

So, if you ever need roses to deliver a Million Dollar Prize, or you want flowers that look like a “Million Bucks”, you might consider Jerry Williams and The Flower Market in Albertville as Howie Guja with the Publishers Clearing House did.


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