Richard Lindsey Arena Officially Open at Gadsden State Cherokee

Former State Representative Richard Lindsey has made a HUGE difference in the lives of so many over the years, especially here in Cherokee County and the impact of that will continue to grow for many years to come especially with Gadsden State Cherokee honoring him on Thursday, August 24th, 2023, officially making it the “Richard Lindsey Arena”.

Those speaking during the ceremony, each offering thoughts on what Lindsey has done to help so many throughout his political career, and as a proud member of his community – showed just why he has earned this tribute. 

Those sharing their thoughts, and memories on getting to know – and working with, Mr. Lindsey included Gadsden State College President, Dr. Kathy Murphy; also – State Representative Ginny Shaver; the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Executive Director Joy Perry; Trudy Lowe (on the behalf of “The Cardinal SSCW Foundation”); the Rev. Melvyn Salter and Al Shumaker.

Afterwards, Lindsey spoke with those in the arena, including all of the gathered family members, dear friends, many supporters and well-wishers alike – making it a point, to say just how much it has meant to have their support over the years.

Lindsey spoke with WEIS Radio News, saying “I’m very honored – and the thing that makes me the most happy – is knowing that the Gadsden State Community College campus, is alive and well.  It’s expanding to serve the people of this area, and will continue to serve it long into the future.”

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