Family Donates Baby Grand Piano To Cherokee Health and Rehab

Mrs. Georgia Ann Grimes believed in giving back to her community in
Centre. For more than 20 years, she brightened the lives of many at
Cherokee County Health & Rehab, where she styled hair in the Beauty
Shop and spent time getting to know everyone.

After she passed away in May, her children, Gina Minnix and Judge
Kevin Grimes, decided to donate her baby grand piano to the nursing
home in her honor.

“Mother would be happy to know it was being used in this way,”
Gina said. “She loved to sing, and she truly had a big servant’s

Judge Grimes said his mother left their family a letter about her
final wishes, and in it, she said:

“If any of you have opportunities to volunteer, do so! I have
received much more than I could ever give volunteering.”

Administrator Jennifer Cambron said the family heirloom, which is in
the front lobby at CCHRC, is a wonderful addition to the facility.

“It’s beautiful, and we’re enjoying it so much. Mrs. Georgia Ann
was very special to us, and it’s such a great tribute to her
memory,” Jennifer said.

Visitors sometimes sit down and play, and residents join in singing
during activities around the piano.

Mrs. Grimes grew up in Atlanta and the family moved to Centre in the
early 1970s. She was also involved with school activities when her
children and grandchildren were students, and she was a pink lady at
Cherokee Medical Center.

Her church, Centre First Baptist, was always near and dear to her
heart, her son and daughter said. She volunteered and helped in
numerous ways.

“She was always real involved,” Gina said.

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