Two Gaylesville Residents Arrested in Rome, Georgia

A Gayesville, Alabama man is accused of stealing trees from two locations in Rome.

According to arrest warrants and Floyd County Jail records:  46-year-old Matthew Lewis Cook took two Leyland Cypress trees at 857 Technology Parkway by pulling both from the ground using his Chevy truck.  Cook again used his pickup to rip another Leyland Cypress from the ground at 307 Redmond Road, and in both cases, loaded the trees onto his truck and left the area.  He is charged with two misdemeanor counts of theft by taking.

Cook is ALSO facing charges of felony theft by taking for stealing items and landscaping, that belonged to State Mutual Insurance in Rome back on June 12th and June 14th.

The items, which were located at Cook’s residence, were valued at a combined $19,000.  

Both Cook, and his wife were arrested Wednesday on charges of felony shoplifting – after taking over $600 in merchandise from the East Rome Wal-Mart.

According to the jail records 27-year-old Sierra Danae Cook had also told police that her name was Denae Rachel Cook, resulting in an additional charge of giving a false name or date of birth to law enforcement officials.

(WRGA Radio in Rome, Georgia)


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