Son of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Recovers Abducted Child in Neighboring DeKalb County

A traffic stop in neighboring DeKalb County – turned up a child who had been reported as missing from Pennsylvania – and the officer responsible was the son of TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter – on his first day as a certified patrolman.

That’s according to Ider Police Chief Stephen Malone – who said “Being able to make the call to this boy’s guardian, letting them know he’s safe and on his way home, is one the most rewarding parts of this job,” – Ider police said that Amanda Beiland, age 37 of Ider, has been charged with interference with child custody.  Malone said that she also has a prior charge for the Chemical Endangerment of a Child.

She has been booked into the DeKalb County Jail – but bond has yet to be set; the officer who stopped Beiland found a boy in the car.  That officer, Garry Chapman, is the son of Duane Chapman, otherwise known as Dog the Bounty Hunter – who earned fame for an A&E series that chronicled his life as a bounty hunter and bail bondsman.

A check uncovered that the boy had been Reported Missing for more than a week from Scranton, Pennsylvania.


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