ADEM Funding County Cleanups

ADEM Funding County Cleanups

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management is the agency that is launching a new grant program – to help counties clean up trash and garbage from roadways.

The right of way program is available to all 67 counties and will enable counties to clean up roadside wastes and be reimbursed by ADEM for the work.

ADEM has contacted every county and has informed them of the funding, which is part of the Department’s continuing efforts to clean up unauthorized dumps across the state.   After that work has been completed, participating counties can submit requests for reimbursement within 30 days of project completion.

ADEM will issue reimbursements on a “county-by-county” basis for the projects that are approved in advance.  “The interagency cooperative agreement can be a win for counties that take part, because it’ll allow them to do cleanup work on their road rights of way that they otherwise WOULD NOT have been able to do – because of the costs,” ADEM Director Lance LeFleur says that “It is also a win for the people of Alabama, underscoring ADEM’s commitment to safeguarding the state’s environment.”

The new program is similar to the Department’s existing right of way cleanup program for scrap tires.  LeFleur sai that the two programs help ADEM to strengthen relationships with the local communities all across the state – and increases environmental

(WRGA Radio News)


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