Leesburg Police Officer Receives Life Saving Award

Leesburg Police Officer Receives Life Saving Award

Police Chief Jamie Chatman presented the American Police Hall of Fame Life Saving Award to Officer Matthew Walker. He was recognized by the organization for actions taken during a call he responded to on May 15, 2023.

Walker responded to a call on county road 142 to assist the sheriff’s office on the call for a dog bite and a female bleeding profusely from the attack. Her arm was severely damaged and apparently she had lost a significant amount of blood. He applied a tourniquet to the arm to prevent more blood loss and restrained the woman to keep her from further injury.

Once EMS was on the scene, the woman was transported to a hospital where it took 15 stitches to close the wound after she underwent vein and artery graphs.

He was recognized as a “Local Hero” for his actions. His family was present for the Ceremony along with the Leesburg Town Council at the Leesburg Town Council Meeting Monday afternoon.


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