Information About Liberty Day Activities In Cedar Bluff

According to Interim Chief Jeremy Stepps , Cedar Bluff Liberty Day activities will begin at 7:00 am on Saturday July 1, 2023. The day will begin with a 2K and 5K run starting and ending at the red light at the intersection of US Al Hwy 68 East and Old Hwy 9 Motorist are encouraged to pay special attention in this area. After the run, there will be a car show on US Hwy 68 East, food vendors in the park, arts and crafts, a petting zoo, inflatables for the kids, and several other activities for all.

The Cedar Bluff Fire Department will also be selling BBQ for their annual fund raiser at the Fire Department. Everyone is encouraged to go by and show your support.

Live music will be in the park with several bands playing throughout the day and evening.

Before the fireworks can begin, emergency personnel have to ensure that everyone is at a safe distance. There will be an Orange Flashing sign on the causeway telling the public that no one can park past the sign. This will be on the North bound side of the roadway. Orange barrels will be placed on the South bound side for the same purpose.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Cherokee County Rescue Squad and ALEA Marine Police will be on the water during this time to ensure everyone is away from the pier during the event. Everyone has to be at least 1500 feet away from the pier before the fireworks will begin.

US Al Hwy 9 will shut down at approximately 8:45 pm. Traffic flowing South on Hwy 9 from Rome will be stopped at the intersection of Hwy 9 and Hwy 68. Traffic flowing North from Centre will be stopped on the causeway before the fishing pier. Expect delays and please be patient during this time. This should last approximately 30 minutes. Once the fireworks are over with, both North and South bound lanes will open back up and traffic can flow freely. During this time if you are leaving the Weiss Mart convenient store parking lot, you will only be allowed to turn right and travel toward Georgia. You will not be allowed to turn left and go toward Centre. This is to try and keep traffic flowing freely. Al Hwy 68 E will remained closed after the fireworks to insure the safety of the public while town employees clean up.

Police, Fire, Rescue and EMS will be stationed around the park during the event. Atrium Floyd EMS and Cherokee County Rescue Squad will have their emergency vehicles on standby in case of a medical emergency. These vehicle will be making rounds during the day and will also have personnel stationed at the front of The Town Hall.

If an emergency arises please contact Cherokee 911 by dialing 911.

Everyone have a Happy and Safe weekend.

For more information, visit the Liberty Day event page.

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