Chairman Rogers Secures Wins for Alabama in Annual NDAA Markup

Chairman Rogers Secures Wins for Alabama in Annual NDAA Markup

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (AL-03), has released the following statement after the House Armed Services Committee markup of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY24; the FY24 NDAA is expected to be brought for a vote on the House Floor in the coming weeks:

“Providing for our nation’s defense is the top priority for the House Armed Services Committee and I am incredibly proud of the bipartisan work that we’ve accomplished in the FY24 NDAA.

This year’s NDAA includes provisions that counter China’s aggression, boost oversight of the Department of Defense, and support our service members and their families.  Additionally, this year’s bill saves taxpayers billions of dollars while still making critical investments in innovative technologies and our defense industrial base.

“I am especially proud of the strong provisions in the FY24 NDAA that support the critical role that Alabama plays in our national defense and strengthens that role for years to come.

“I thank my colleagues on the committee for their hard work in support of our national security. I look forward to advancing this bill to the full House in the coming weeks.”

BACKGROUND: The FY24 NDAA includes a measure to require the Secretary of the Air Force to report the selection of a permanent location for the Space Command headquarters prior to building any facilities for use by Space Command.

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