No Appointments Made at the Cedar Bluff Council Meeting

During the previous Town Council Meeting on May 30th, Council Member Letha Harp sent a letter of resignation from District 5 Council Seat, a member of the Utility Board resigned leaving a vacancy to be pointed at the meeting last night and Police Chief had resigned.

During the Council Meeting Monday afternoon, Council Member Bond nominated Bobbie Hicks for the Utility Board Vacancy with a second from Council Member Ritchey. Mayor Crane and Council Member Grace voted No.  Then Council Member Grace nominated Bill Warren to fill the vacancy on the Utility Board with a second from Mayor Crane. Council Members Ritchey and Bond voted no. Then Council Member Bond recommended the issue be tabled until next meeting.

At the previous meeting on May 30, the Council voted to vacate Seat 5 of the Council. The Town’s Legal Counsel, Laura Lloyd said she would investigate the way for the seat to be filled. During the Monday meeting, she informed the Council they could appoint a qualified person from District 5 to fill the seat within 60 days of the resignation. Council Member Bond said he had researched the issue and there had to be an election. He challenged the information presented by the Town’s Legal Counsel and asked where she got her information.  Attorney Lloyd explained it was the Alabama Code of Law but Bond still refused to accept it as the correct information. Council Member Grace had consulted with the League of Municipalities about the issue and received the same information as presented by the Legal Counsel. Mayor Crane announced a special called meeting for June 22nd at 5 pm for the purpose of appointing someone to fill the District 5 vacancy.

Council Member Tim Miller representing District 1 sent in a resignation letter which the Mayor read. The Council voted to vacate the District 1 Seat on the Council.

Mayor Crane said she would be accepting letters and resumes from qualified voters who wanted to  be considered for the District 1 and District 5 Council seats. Those Letters and Resumes can be turned in at Town Hall during regular business hours by June 22nd. The only qualifications for a person to be considered is they must be a qualified elector or voter and reside in the District they want to be considered for, for at least 6 months.

Mayor Crane informed the Council at the last meeting Jeremy Stepps had been appointed as acting Chief until a full time Chief could be hired. The job was posted and advertised. Mayor Crane informed the Council Monday they had only received one application for Chief and it was from the acting Chief, Jeremy Stepps. Council Member Grace nominated Stepps for the Chief’s job, Mayor Crane seconded the motion with Bond and Ritchey voting no. Council Member Bond questioned the Mayor on where she had advertised the position and said “they may need to change the way they advertise job openings”. He said ” it was hard for him to believe they only had one person apply with all the Police Officers in the County”. Stepps will continue to serve as Acting Chief until someone is hired full time for the position.

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