Chattooga River Fest Event Includes Canned Food Drive Initiative

The Chattooga River Fest is coming up this weekend and the Community Resource Center of Chattooga County will be hosting a canned food drive. 

If you are planning to attend River Fest, bring along some non-perishable food items for the food drive.  There will be a boat set up at the West Gate entrance to Chattooga River Fest and they want to fill the boat with canned food donations.  You can access the West Gate by taking Marsh Avenue to the drop-off point.  Gates open at 9 AM and admission to Chattooga River Fest is $5.   

Free general parking is available at Mount Vernon Mills, the track field, and shuttle service is available from the triangle, the high school and Walmart, as needed, after 2p. 

Handicapped parking ONLY will be on Park Avenue from Allgood St to the Main Gate. DROP-OFF for volunteers, general audience over 12, and canned food drive items is at the West Gate in the circle. 

For information, visit the website: 

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