Centre Mayor Announces “No Aquatic Center Opening for Memorial Day”

During the regular meeting of the Centre City Council Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Mark Mansfield informed the Council, the new Aquatic Center will not be opening on Memorial Day as planned. The Mayor said getting the pumps and filters has been challenging. He said for now, the next target day for opening is June 15th contingent upon getting the necessary equipment and having good weather for construction workers to get the parking lot completed.

Dominque Clausen presented the City with a Flag Retirement Box to be placed at the City Hall. Dominque built the box as part of his Eagle Scout project. Mayor Mansfield said Scout Clausen did a good job and it will perform a good service for the Citizens of Centre.

Mayor Mansfield told the Council the Hot Air Balloon Festival has been postponed indefinitely but gave no reason for the delay. He did say the Festival Planner, Dee Miller is to meet with him today. (Wednesday)

Mansfield said the Music Festival is still ongoing. It is planned for August. Due to contractual obligations the lineup will not be announced until June 1st.

The next regular meeting of the Centre City Council is June 13 at 4pm for the planning session and meeting at 5.




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