Standing Room Only At County Commission Meeting

During the regular meeting of the Cherokee County Commission Monday afternoon, the Commission Chamber was filled with several members of the Tecumseh, Spring Garden, Rock Run Communities concerning the operations of the Indian Mountain ATV Park. A spokesperson from the Group addressed the Commission during the planning session, sharing with the commission their grievances could be mostly satisfied if the ATV Park operators would go by their own rules and enforce them.  He cited one rule that there would be no alcoholic beverages on board the ATV while riding the trails and another that riding at the Park would cease at midnight each day.

During the regular meeting of the Commission, representatives of the Indian Mountain ATV Park made a presentation about the economic impact of the Park on the area. That presentation was made by Jennifer Green, Director JSU Center for Economic Development and Business Research. Green told the commission the study used data from year 2022. She said the Park had approximately 33000 visitors during the 2022 year with an economic impact of $1,743,827.

During the meeting the Commission adopted a resolution to limit traffic on county road 8 from the intersection of county road 185 to the Georgia State Line. The resolution prohibits vehicles on the roadway with more than 3 axles including the vehicle and any trailer attached. Commissioner Jones said there would be exceptions for farm equipment. The resolution will take effect 30 days after its adoption.

The commission approved job posting for an HMT-1 position with pay grade 3, step 1 for the Highway Department.

The Commission also voted to concur with a request from the County Healthcare Authority to donate two parcels of land to the Cherokee County Rescue Squad. The said property is from the Roscoe Smith Estate Trust, which the Rescue Squad currently has a 25 year lease with an option for another 25 years. The donation of the property to the Squad would allow them to expand and build training facilities on the property.

$363,100 was approved for the purchase of a new bulldozer for the highway department. County engineer Cory Chambers told the Commission the current dozer is about to be beyond operational. It was surplus military property obtained from the US Government by the Sheriff’s department. The money will come from ARPA Funds and will not impact the County’s budget.

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