Collinsville Town Council Meeting

The Collinsville Town Council met in regular session Monday afternoon to conduct the business of the Town. The minutes from the meeting of May 1, 2023 were approved.

Mayor Traffanstedt gave the Council a report on the I-59 Corridor meeting at the Venue in Gadsden. He said there was a good representation from DeKalb County. Traffanstedt said it was a good meeting with hopes to develop the area more with municipalities and counties working together.

The Mayor told the Council there has been an issue with water being left on at the Little League field and the restrooms being left unlock when play was finished. Councilman David Bowen said he thought a lock should be put on the outside faucets and unlocked when needed. Mayor Traffanstedt said they could work together to take care of the situation and the Little League fields look the best they have in a long time.

Jennifer Wilkins, the Town’s Librarian, told the Council the Library held a two day plant sale last weekend which netted $1800 for the Youth Department at the Library.

The next meeting of the Collinsville Town Council is June 5th at 5 pm in the Town Hall.

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