Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office on the Many Benefits, and Advantages, of Field Training Courses

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Field Training Officers are vital to the success of any law enforcement agency. Properly trained FTOs reduce liability, ensure properly trained personnel and strengthen community trust.

The Sheriff’s Office recently hosted a FTO training for surrounding agencies (St. Clair Co., the Argo PD, Cedar Bluff PD, Southside PD, Collinsville PD and Sardis PD), and the Etowah County Deputies Monroe Beasley IV, Stephen Rodgers and also Cody Eubanks attending and completing the training.

Cpl. Mike Farrell from Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office instructed the class.

Training topics included: • Leadership skills • Teaching and training development • Ethics • Legal and liability issues • Completing daily and weekly FTO evaluations • Report writing • Case studies • Lateral vs, recruit training • Officer safety • Elements of FTO Training • Patrol FTO Chain of Command • Responsibility and Oversight • Daily Observation Reports and remedial training Upon completion.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver and County Chief Deputy Josh Summerford issue congratulations to all those that attended and completed the course.


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