City Employees Leave Offices For The Streets

City of Gadsden Employees Take To The Streets For Trash Removal

Gadsden, AL – On Friday, nearly 200 employees from the City of Gadsden fanned out across
the city to clean up litter. After spending several hours working at 30 different sites, the
workers were able to remove 11,280 pounds (5.64 tons) of trash and debris.

“This is another example of what can be accomplished in Gadsden when everyone is working
together,” said Mayor Craig Ford. “I got tired of seeing trash in our city, so we decided to do
something about it. We asked every city employee who could join us today to get out of our
offices, roll up our sleeves, and physically pick up this trash. We had recreation managers,
police officers, engineers, secretaries, council members, building inspectors, and more out
here taking pride in the city we serve every day.

“I hope it inspires residents and visitors to take the same pride. We need them,” Ford said.

The city provided each participating employee with a Clean Up Day 2023 t-shirt sponsored by
Goodwyn Mills Cawood. After spending the morning along roadways, in cul-de-sacs, in
ravines, and even in the water, workers were provided lunch at The Venue, which was
sponsored by the Mayor’s Office.

Organizers asked participants to sign up in advance, and they were randomly divided into
seven teams — one per city council district. The purpose of this was to get city employees
from various departments to work on projects together, many of whom don’t regularly work with one another. The idea is to help foster unity and develop better working relationships
throughout the city’s workforce.

Mayor Ford said he intends on making this city employee clean up day an annual event, much
like a “serve day” offered by many corporations. In addition to cleaning up these areas, the
city has doubled its penalties for littering and is buckling down on enforcement of dumping

“I know a clean city is what every resident and business owner wants,” said Mayor Ford. “And
that’s what they are going to get – so long as I have anything to say about it!”

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