Indian Mountain ATV Park Elicits Comments Both Pro and Con

Citizens Complain About Noise and Drunk Drivers

A group of citizens from the County Road 8 and County Road 185 communities visited with the Cherokee County Commission to ask for assistance with noise and dangerous drunk drivers they say come from the Indian Mountain ATV Park, located on County Road 8 in eastern Cherokee County,

The citizens told the commission they left the hustle and bustle of growth and noise in Georgia for the peace and quiet of remote eastern Cherokee County. They told the commission that during the past two years, their standard of living has been brutal due to situation created by the operation of the ATV Park. They complained that drunk drivers leaving the park drive off the road, damaging their fence. Additionally, the big trucks hauling multiple ATVs and off road vehicles had run them off the road, causing them to fear for their life and the lives of their family.

Another complained about the road situation, saying that it was like a mud road. They said they would not drive their vehicles through that and ask the county for assistance in preventing the situation. The group told the commission they were being targeted and harassed by the patrons from the ATV park because they complained about the situation.

The commission told the group they were considering regulations on the road to restrict the size of vehicles traveling the road to see if that would help the situation. That measure would be taken up at a future commission meeting.

The roads  are narrow and rough. They were filled with patched potholes, but according to county engineer Cory Chambers, the roads have been that way for years. The roads are 18 feet wide, as are many county roads throughout the county.

We spoke with the owners of the Indian Mountain ATV Park, who said they did have mud on the road from time to time after rains where the ATVs cross, but they have someone who regularly removes the mud to prevent hazards.

This weekend, beginning today through Sunday, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department will have extra patrols in the area and ALEA Highway Patrol Division will have a DUI task force operating in the area both Friday and Saturday.

The group told the commission that a concert is planned to be held at the park this weekend with an expected crowd of 5,000 patrons. Country music star Brantley Gilbert and others are to be performing Saturday night.

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