Sales Tax on Food NOT Regarded Highly

An overwhelming majority of Alabamians support DOING AWAY with the sales tax on food; that, according to new polling released by the state’s Republican Party.

Of those with an opinion on the grocery tax, 83% wanted to see it eliminated, and the proposal was popular across party lines, as 70% of both Republicans and Democrats, and 69% of independents said they backed eliminating the state’s sales tax on food.

When asked if they would prefer doing away with that Food Sales Tax, vs. a proposed $800 taxpayer rebate, the majority – 82% – said they preferred a grocery tax cut.

The polling reflects a growing push towards doing away with the tax on food. Bills are coming from Republican and Democratic lawmakers, including one from Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur), and Representative Danny Garrett (R-Trussville), that would roll back food sales taxes by 1 percentage point – per year – for basic foods like eggs, bread, milk, fresh fruit, vegetables and infant formula.

Alabama is one of three states along with Mississippi and South Dakota – that collects the full state sales tax on food.


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