Cast your Ballot! Voting for FHCNA Student Poster Contest Ends Friday, April 14th

Public voting has begun for the Fair Housing Center of Northern Alabama’s annual poster contest for high school students. This year, FHCNA has taken special care to include as many students as possible in their 29-state coverage area by hosting a virtual, online contest, which has collected over 50 entries.

You can see several local submissions below.

The theme of this year’s contest is, “This is my community!” All submissions were to capture the essence of each artist’s individual community. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners!!

Daily voting is available by following this link:

The voting deadline is Friday, April 14th.

By Emily Crane. “My artwork is a family having an amazing time fishing. It show how the people of my community are so loving and caring and how they share the love for the outdoors.”
By Faith Haney. “Cornwall furnace is a historical landmark in Cherokee County, Alabama. I chose to draw Cornwall furnace because it represents the history of my community and it overlooks Weiss Lake which is what Cherokee County is known for.”
By Isabell Evett. “My artwork consists of four separate drawings. On the top left is a depiction of Little River Canyon National Preserve. I chose to use mute colors for all of the drawings.
On the bottom left is a sketch of Weiss Lake.
On the top left is a Monarch Butterfly. It is Alabama’s state insect, so I chose to put it here.
Black bears are a common sight near where I live, so I put it at the bottom right portion of the poster.
In the backdrop, I chose to put various camelia flowers since that is Alabama’s state flower.”
By Micayla Ashworth. “‘The Closeness of Cherokee’ displays three almost completely different scenes. The first one being on the top end of the poster, is of Weiss Lake and shows the lake as well as a dock. The second being on the left lower half of the poster, which is the Little River Canyon Falls Park, showing the main waterfall and some of the trees on the top portion. The third, the right lower side, is a popular park in cherokee County, showing the little bridge it has and some playground equipment. This piece of art shows how connected and close we are by connecting the three scenes by water.”
By Taylor Owens. “This poster contains the animals, plants, and geography that I think of first when I hear the name of my county.”

Again, daily voting is available by following this link:

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