Cherokee County schools testing next week

Spring assessment week has arrived for Cherokee county schools. All students grades 2 through 8 will be testing as part of the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment program, or ACAP. The board of education encourages all students to give their best effort, so that they can do the very best possible on each subtest. One of the most important things to remember is to get good rest the night before and to not miss breakfast the morning of a test; nothing will hurt your performance on a test more than a tired mind or having a hungry belly!

The board would like to extend their deepest appreciation to Teachers, Students, and Staff who have worked extremely hard to prepare for the ACAP, as well as appreciation for all the support Cherokee students have received from home and throughout the community.

For test taking tips and strategies, the board encourages students to visit their website at, the instructional video can also be viewed on youtube at @cherokeeINSPIRES and on the Board’s facebook page.



  • Monday April 10th – Math – Grades 2-8
  • Tuesday April 11th – Science – Grades 4,6,8
    • ACT Makeups for Grade 11
  • Wednesday April 12th – Language Arts I – Grades 2-8
  • Thursday April 13th – Language Arts II & III Grades 2-8
  • Friday April 14th – Makeup – Grades 2-8
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