Gadsden gets a Kangaroo for Noccalula Falls

Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford announced the city has added an Eastern Grey Kangaroo to the petting zoo at Noccalula Falls Park and Campground. This is the first marsupial to reside at the park, and it is the beginning of the city’s efforts to diversify its animal habitats.

  “We are committed to a thriving animal habitat that can serve as educational experiences for all visitors to Noccalula Falls Park,” said Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford. “I have asked the team at the park to look for opportunities to add animals that are not otherwise easily found around northeast Alabama.

  “Since we have children and families from all over Gadsden visiting, we want to offer the service of helping them learn about these animals and their environments through first-hand experience with them. We hope everyone will come visit our new animal family members at Noccalula Falls soon!” Ford said.

  The 9-month-old kangaroo is not yet in the animal enclosure full-time as she still lives in a pouch. However, she is often able to be seen by visitors in the afternoons.

  The city is seeking a mate to complete the pair of kangaroos and plans to host a naming contest for the new kangaroos that will be announced later.

  Additionally, the city is reviewing architectural designs for a brand new enclosed animal habitat, which will improve the variety of animal encounter experiences at the park.

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