Domestic disturbance leads to father shooting son in Ohatchee

Reports of a domestic disturbance came Tuesday evening to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office. An adult son was in an altercation with his father at the father’s residence on Kindle Way in Ohatchee, and there were reports of a gunshot victim.

Arriving officers of the Ohatchee police department, assisting the Sheriff’s office with the response, discovered a male laying in the front yard with a gunshot wound to the chest and another male laying on the residence’s porch injured with a physical injury to his hip. The officer recovered a firearm from the man on the porch and rendered first aid to the gunshot victim.  Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to begin their investigation while ambulances arrived on scene and began rendering aid to the injured parties.

The injured male on the porch was 67-year-old Morris Morrison, father of the gunshot victim, 30-year-old Zachary Morrison. Zachary was air-lifted to UAB hospital for his injuries and Morris was transported to RMC by ambulance for injuries to his hip.

The understanding of investigating officers so far, through witness testimony and video evidence, indicates Zachary was attacking his father Morris, who defended himself by discharging his firearm, striking Zachary in the chest. The investigation is ongoing.

No charges have been filed at this time.  Both subjects are still currently receiving treatment at respective hospitals. 

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