Cherokee County Among the Fastest Growing Parts of Alabama

Alabama was one of the fastest growing states across the nation in 2022, and most all of that growth came near the edges of the state, in suburbs around Alabama’s biggest cities, or in counties that contain the state’s major public universities – and Cherokee County did very well, coming in at #14 out of 67.

Numbers One through Five include Limestone, Baldwin, Madison, Lee and Chilton, all with substantial growth increases, with Limestone hitting 3.3%, which equals a jump of 3,500 people; the highest raw total in the state was #2 Baldwin County – with more than 7,000 people being added from 2021 to 2022.

Cleburne County was ranked #6 – Marshall at #12 – DeKalb, Calhoun and Etowah all scored in the 30’s – at #34, #36 and #39, respectively.

Not every county in the state of Alabama is growing, however – as some of the state’s 67 counties actually lost people from 2021 to 2022 – and that includes Jefferson County, the biggest county in Alabama and home to Birmingham, that lost some 4,600 people

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