New Details in DeKalb County Shooting (Powell)

There’s been an update to the story of a shooting incident that occurred in Powell on College Road near Northeast Alabama Community College. The shooting did not happen on campus, however, according to a source with the DeKalb Sheriff’s Office. It was also inaccurately described as a “drive by shooting.”

Updated media reports claim that the incident involved an argument at a home for caregivers of Haymon Homes and two employees of the company were shot. One victim in a car was reportedly shot while the other victim was shot in the yard.

Haymon Homes provides residential services for developmentally disabled individuals, according to the Alabama Department of Mental Health. Its principal place of business is 4693 Main Street Powell in Fyffe. 

The JSU Center for Applied Forensics is aiding with the active investigation of the incident. 

We will keep this story updated on WEISRADIO.COM

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