“Saturday Spotlight” on Lt. Bo Jolly

As National Police Week quickly approaches (May 14th – 20th, 2023) – the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office would like to get an early start on showing appreciation for all  the deputies for their hard work. and dedication. to Cherokee County.

On each Saturday (known as ‘Spotlight Saturday’) the Sheriff’s Office will be sharing a  photo and brief description about each deputy throughout our department.

Highlighted this week (April 1st) is Lt. Bo Jolly.

Help us celebrate each one and show appreciation for all they do!

“I started my career in law enforcement in 1996 as a Reserve Deputy. In 1999 I was given the opportunity to become a deputy sheriff. After graduating the police academy, I worked patrol for several years before being transferred to the investigative unit in 2004. I worked in that capacity until being promoted to Chief Investigator in 2010. In mid-2015 I transferred back to the patrol unit to serve as the Patrol Lieutenant and remain in that capacity today. In June of this year, I will be a 24-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office. The most enjoyable portion of my job is the ability to meet and communicate with the great citizens of Cherokee County. “



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