Land Issue Back in News in Northwest Georgia

The Floyd County Commission once again heard from residents of the Trail in Lindale regarding the nearby Bordeau Metals facility, although the company’s contract to recycle metals from Plant Hammond was terminated and the site may soon be back up for sale.

Linda Morris told the commission that there is still activity at the site and she fears it’s going to become a permanent recycling facility.

County Manager Jamie McCord said Bordeau is allowed to haul away what they have on the site. After that, there would be restrictions on the property. County Attorney elaborated on those deed restrictions.

“That includes that they cannot be any materials there for further processing, other than what has come from Plant Hammond,” she said. “It’s my understanding, based on conversations today that no new materials have come in. So, they are taking the material that was previously there and moving it off.”

Harmon told the residents if they see anything to the contrary going on at the site, to let them know.

“There are other provisions in the deed as well related to the use of the property,” Harmon added. “The county doesn’t have a unilateral right to sell it back, but if it’s sold, we have a right of first refusal. So, there are limitations on use and there is a recorded document with the ability to exercise a right of first refusal in the future.” 

Bordeau purchased the property from the development authority for $25,000 an acre. The idea — one that would potentially benefit both parties — was that the authority would purchase the property back in three to five years when Bordeau’s contract was completed.

However, the contract with Georgia Power was terminated after multiple people complained of the crashing sound as massive piles of metal are chopped and sorted for recycling, often starting as early as 7 a.m., according to residents.

For his part, founder and CEO Brad Bordeau has said he and his company did everything they were asked. They were within the law and zoning requirements.

 (WRGA Rome/Rome News

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