Two $1000 Tagged Fish Caught Saturday On Weiss Lake

Lucky anglers fishing Weiss Lake Saturday brought home the Cash!! Chuck Noles of Gaylesville was one of the lucky fishermen and the other was Kyle Smith of Manchester, Kentucky. Both had Bounty Badges and Both got a check from the Weiss Lake Improvement Association.

One of the tagged fish was caught in  Little River area of Cedar Bluff, the other in the Leesburg area. There were 53 fish tagged worth $1000 each but now 4 have been caught. There remains 49 fish valued at $1000 each and more than 900 worth $50 each and the GRAND PRIZE, 1 fish with at $10,000 tag in it.

You can get your Rodeo Badge at one of the participating merchants around the Weiss Lake.

The Weiss Lake Improvement Crappie Rodeo goes through April 30th.

Good Luck and Good Fishing on Weiss Lake.

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