2 Men, accused of armed robbery, added to Floyd County’s Most Wanted list

Two men accused of robbing the Burger King on Shorter Avenue at gunpoint on March 5 were added to the Floyd County Jail’s most wanted list Wednesday.

Eric Alamia, 38, and Tyler Tremaine Gibbons, 39, are accused of entering the fast food restaurant and threatening the staff with a pistol while demanding cash. Alamia is 5 feet 7 inches tall and 180 pounds with an Atlanta Hawks tattoo on the front of his neck. Gibbons is 6 feet 4 inches tall and 210 pounds. Both men are charged with felony kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

According to Rome Police Department and Floyd County Jail reports:

Police were called just after midnight on March 5 to the report of an armed robbery, and arrived within minutes to find the side door to the restaurant open and the parking lot empty.

Police entered the store and found a large amount of loose change on the floor by the registers, along with a partially prepared hamburger on the counter. The manager, who had fled, informed police that he and another employee had been present during the robbery.

According to the manager, they heard the buzzer at the rear of the store and saw three men on the video camera but did not let them in. Moments later, one of the three men walked around to the side door and was recognized as an employee, Derricus Jamar Wade. The other two were Alamia and Gibbons.

Wade told the manager he was hungry, and asked for a hamburger. When the manager began to make Wade’s burger, he saw Wade and the other employee walk to the back of the store and then heard the back door open.

Alamia and Gibbons quickly emerged from the rear of the store wearing masks and hoodies; Gibbons brandished a beige pistol.

He demanded the manager take them to the safe, and then forced him to open it. The two men took approximately $3,350 and placed it in a plastic grocery bag. The robbers then demanded the security tapes from the office.

The manager told them he did not know where the security hard drive was, but then gave them four boxes containing food display control modules. Alamia and Gibbons left, walking east. Wade remained on scene for a time, then got in a dark colored vehicle and left.

When police reviewed surveillance footage with the manager, they saw Wade and the two suspects talking at the rear door before they first rang the bell. When the manager refused to open the door, Wade is then seen walking around to the side door before entering and asking for a burger.

While the manager makes the burger, Wade is seen talking with the other employee and walking to the back of the store before he opens the door and lets the suspects in.

Wade was later arrested on Shorter Avenue and charged with felony armed robbery, party to the crime. Police later recovered the control modules and cellphones belonging to the manager and other employee at a location on Amelia Lane in West Rome.

Since Wade was jailed, additional charges of felony kidnapping, felony aggravated assault and felony false imprisonment were added to his charges. He continues to be held without bond.

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