Saddle Club celebrates 50 years with annual ‘Wagon Train’ event

The 200-mile journey started in Centre on March 6th. It included 21 wagons from nine states led by mules, horses, and horseback riders. It takes 11 days to reach Montgomery, and this year marks 50 years the Saddle Club has been involved in the journey.

Club President John Coley has been along for the ride for as long as he can remember;

“I’m 45 years old, and I don’t remember a year this ride has not been in my life,” said Coley.

While the Wagon Train means a lot to those who participate, Coley says there has been a decline in people wanting to participate;

“Kids are not raised outdoors anymore, and sports are much more important. This is a sport. This teaches kids responsibility,” said Coley.

Coley hopes that events like this will showcase the importance of farming and ranching in Alabama, an industry that contributes $7 billion to the state’s economy.


Visit the Forney Trail Blazer’s Saddle Club Facebook to see more pictures from the wagon train!

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