Downtown Gadsden to clean up high-risk trees along Broad Street

Downtown Gadsden, Inc. and the City of Gadsden are partnering to address 23 high-risk trees located along Broad Street.

After a tree recently fell on Broad Street, Downtown Gadsden, Inc. contracted local ISA Master Arborist Lee McBride to survey the 83 trees located there.

The “high-risk” label for trees is a result of severe leaning due to unbalanced crowns, paver grates that have had a negative impact and caused damage to the trunk, or other reasons. As a result, city workers will begin removing the affected trees this week.

 “In order to support the growth of downtown, we need to remove these unsafe trees,” said Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford. “With warming weather, more shoppers and diners will soon be out and about. The downside of warmer weather is that wind and storms make each tree more hazardous. Once the high-risk trees are safely removed, we can then reimagine the streetscape and work toward a more beautiful Broad Street!” Ford said.

According to the assessment, the 400 block has the most trees deemed high risk (eight), the 500 block has six trees, the 600 block has three trees, and the 100 block has two trees.

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