Deer Collisions Can be Deadly / Use Caution

Already, several people have been fatally injured this year (2023) in Alabama wrecks involving deer; Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama explains that the state is thought to have the second highest deer population of any state behind Texas, so drivers here should be especially aware of deer near roadways.

Ingram stated: “Especially being in Alabama – you need to understand, and be aware, deer tend to move mostly in the late evening and especially when it’s cold. The colder it gets, the more they move around and also remember that deer seldom travel alone – If you see one, you’re likely to see several,”

He also suggested that if you see deer along the roadside you should try blowing your horn with a long, steady honk.  You need to brake firmly, don’t slam on your brakes – and try not to swerve your car out of the way if you can help it.


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