Scam Alert!

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a Jury Duty Scam, which has recently hit the area; those scammers are reportedly spoofing the department’s main telephone number, 706-291-4111, to contact individuals and tell them that they have missed jury duty or owe money for a fine.

Residents are advised to be cautious if they receive a call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office and to not divulge any personal information OR make any payments. If someone receives a suspicious call, they are encouraged to contact the department directly to confirm if the call is legitimate.

The department is currently investigating the source of these calls – and asks anyone with information to come forward. They also remind the public to stay alert against phone scams and to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement promptly.

The Sheriff’s Office has stated that this is a scam, and they would never call someone to demand payment for a fine – or to inform them of missed court.  In Floyd County, if the sheriff’s office needs to speak to you about missing jury duty, they will find you and come get you.

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