Containers Used to Hold Dirt and Debris from 2022 Spill in Rainsville Now Gone

Containers that stored dirt and debris used to absorb and catch the organic peroxide which was spilled on August 18th last year (2022) – have been removed from the City of Rainsville. That spill occurred when an 18-wheeler overturned, at the intersection of Alabama 75 and Alabama 35, in Rainsville. 

Organic peroxide is used in different concentrates in both meat and poultry plants – and the particular concentrate is used as heating for a fire.  It is a strong oxidizer and is highly combustible.

Organic Peroxide is harmful if swallowed and/or inhaled OR comes into contact with skin.  Some of the symptoms of exposure are:  irritation to the eyes and nose, nausea, and headache. 

The container that stores runoff water, used to cool the trailer. remains in Rainsville, while the environmental service group that was contracted for cleanup is obtaining a number of permits to transport it to a facility in Ohio. 

(Southern Torch Fort Payne)

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