Cherokee County Commission’s bi-monthly meeting February 27, 2023

The Cherokee County Commission held their bi-monthly meeting on Monday, February 27. During the business session the commission approved the following motions:

  • Appoint Ronnie Kaiser to the Cherokee County Water and Sewer Authority to fill a six year term ending in March of 2029.
  • Highway Department bids for Asphalt paving, micro-surfacing seal coat, and bituminous surface treatments for the period of March 1st through December 31st, 2023
  • Declaring a list of office equipment from the Cherokee County Public Library as surplus to be disposed of properly and/or recycled.
  • Approving the Release of ARPA funds in the amount of 37,000 dollars for the purchase of a 2022 Ford F150 from the Sheriff’s Department Law Enforcement fund to be assigned to the Solid Waste Officer/License Inspector.
  • Lowering the speed limit on County Road 433 from 45mph to 15mph
  • Adopting a resolution in support of a local bill to establish a three dollar and seventy five cent license plate fee for the purpose of funding public safety
  • Approving the purchase of Control Systems Equipment for the Cherokee County Jail in the amount of $215,000

After the business session, Commissioner Tim Burgess adjourned the meeting. The next commission meeting will be Monday, March 13th at 10am.

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