Tractor Trailer bursts into flames in Cedar Bluff

Around 5:15pm on Monday a tractor trailer was forced to pull off into the Piggly Wiggly parking lot in Cedar Bluff. The driver said the engine suddenly began to billow smoke, and some was entering the cabin. The engine burst into flames as soon as the driver got out of the cab.

Bystanders immediately called 911. Fortunately, there were a few Spring Creek firemen who happened to be in the area and heard the calls over their radios. Cristal McElroy-Johnson, wife of one of the firemen, spoke with WEIS Radio; “When we arrived the cab was fully engulfed in flames. Spring Creek’s (Fire Department) Chief Jamie Walker and (Fireman) Elliot Johnson jumped in and attempted to contain the fire with fire extinguishers until the local departments arrived on scene”. However their extinguishers were no match for the blaze taking over the truck, and they could only briefly contain the flames.

Once Cedar Bluff Fire and Gaylesville Fire responded to the scene they extinguished the fire quickly, no injuries were reported.




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