VIDEO – Twinkle Cavanaugh presents at the Lions Club of Centre

The Lions Club of Centre held its bi-monthly meeting Wednesday with several special guests, including Twinkle Cavanaugh, President of the Alabama Public Service Commission, who gave a keynote presentation about the state of public utilities, specifically focusing on the price of oil and its systemic effects on our everyday lives.

Cavanaugh discussed how many everyday products we take for granted are produced directly by or are tied to the oil industry indirectly. Cavanaugh said the price of oil has a direct effect on nearly every aspect of our communities; from the price of our fuel, to the price of our technology, and even the cost of our food.

Cavanaugh also discussed the current administration’s shutting down of the keystone pipeline; and how she believes that has severely crippled our economy, due to the logistical inefficiencies of other methods of transporting oil such as trucking and traincars.

Cavanaugh was very well received at the lions luncheon meeting. Lunch was served and a brief Q&A was held after the keynote speaker’s presentation. The next Lions Club meeting will be Wednesday, March 8th.

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